What comes inside?

The C19 Survival Mask comes with everything necessary to let you use the mask right away (See Instructions for further details on how to properly set up and use your mask). When you get the mask you will receive: 

Reusable Bag

Elastic Band
Face Mask
filter Cap

What makes us different?

Our masks differ in 4 important ways compared to conventional masks: 

1) They form a complete seal around your nose and mouth that offers better protection than any cloth mask out there. With a tight and secure fit, we ensure all air enters and exits the mask through the filter. 

2) Our mask is highly versatile to fit anyone's face. With six placement options for the elastic strap, you don't need to worry about the mask not fitting properly or falling off. Just choose where the elastic strap feels best for you and you are good to go.

3) Unlike single-use surgical masks, our mask is reusable and washable. C19 wants to eliminate excessive waste of masks without compromising safety. By replacing only the filters, we provide an affordable and environmentally friendly way to be protected.

4) Lastly, we are a company that wants to help. Our masks are on a buy one give one basis, meaning that for every mask bought we donate one to frontline workers, hospitals, and anyone else that needs a mask.


How to Use your mask

Setting up your mask

**Our masks come disinfected but make sure to wash and/or disinfect your mask when it arrives**

Insert one end of the elastic band through any of the six available adjustment holes that feels most comfortable to you. Tie a knot at the end of the band you just inserted.

Place the other end of the elastic band on the opposite adjustment hole without tightening it. Place the mask on your face and wrap the band around your head to find a comfortable fit. Once you find a length that works for you, mark the desired length, remove the mask, and tie another knot. Cut the excess elastic band if you want.

Ensure you have a tight seal around your face and you are done.

These are some of the ways your elastic band can be arranged. The combination that gives you the best fit will depend on your head and the shape of your face.


Inserting Filters

Remove the filter cap from the mask.

Grab a brand new filter and place it inside the filter compartment (see filter recommendations for more info on amount of filters you need to use).

Close the filter compartment with the filter cap and you are done.


Filter Recommendations

Your C19 kit comes with a set of 10 filters to get you started. The recommended number of filters you should use for optimal protection is based on your level of activity.

Most people can go through their day with a total of 4 (four) filters, equivalent to that of a surgical mask with the added protection of a full seal around your nose and mouth. For protection closer to a N95 mask we recommend using a total of 6 (six) filters.

Extra filters can be purchased in our online store. We offer packs of 100 filters for $5.76. However, there are alternatives to our filters. Our masks were specifically designed to accept any square material with a dimension of 2"x 2". That means if you have no other choice but to go outside and run out of filters you can cut a square of cloth, cotton, or other breathable material found at home. We still recommend the use of our filters for the best protection possible and suggest the use of 2"x 2" material alternative as a last resort.