Get one and we Donate one to a good cause

Disclaimer: Only masks bought in the United States are eligible for a donation on behalf of your purchase


In matters of weeks COVID-19 has impacted all our lives. With a rapid shortage in medical wear, C19 survival Mask was created out of the need to bring protection to everyone.

Created from functional medical wear, lasting workwear, C19 Survival Mask meets the demand of medical professionals while minimizing the size and creating a universal design. 


Our design team looked at other masks in the market to bring the best into one mask, allowing improved functionality and redesigning what protects people the best.

Our specialized design works like that of an air conditioner vent. With an open box, you are able to change the filter with any product you’d like, but the best results come with the C19 filters.


When you purchase our masks, you’re also helping ensure safety and wellness for those who need it most. We donate a mask for each one sold, giving to essential workers and medical professionals.


Want to Get your Own?

Currently C19 Survival Masks are taking preorders but you can rest assured that you are helping a company that wants to give back. For every mask that is sold one mask will be given to those at the front line of COVID 19. Doctors, nurses and anyone else that is helping us get through these hard times. Head over to "Shop" to purchase your own.